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Egypt Trips: Travel deals and cheap flights to Egypt

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Egypt Trips: Travel deals and cheap flights to Egypt

Hello everyone! We have created this blog to give you the opportunity to find all the information you need to make a trip to Egypt. If you like adventure or simply want to know a country with more than five millennia of history, Egypt is the answer..

This nation, officially called Arab Republic of Egypt, is located in Africa and is one of the most populous countries of this continent. Much of its surface is occupied by the famous Sahara desert, a must visit place for adventurous travelers. His history is fascinating.


If you make a trip to Egypt you will see the evolution of this ancient civilization in various Egyptian cities. Cairo, capital of Egypt, is an imposing metropolis located on the banks of the Nile River Nearby, to the southwest, you can not leave without visit the city of Giza, center famous for its monumental pyramids, the national symbol and a must visit place on a trip to Egypt.


In the south lies the city of Luxor, which holds many ancient remains. Another of the most visited and developed cities is Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great around the year 322 BC It is located in the Nile River delta and contains elements of Greek, Roman and Egyptian. This is just an appetizer of what you will enjoy your trip to Egypt.


The goal of this portal is to help you get relevant information and links related to travel deals to Egypt, flights to Egypt, Egypt hotels, restaurants in Egypt, Nile cruises, entertainment and more. Any questions please leave us a comment or recommendation. We hope you enjoy your trip to Egypt and to tell us that wonderful experience of travelers on our blog.